Belladona for a wedding 2

Hello, hello !!!

Here we are ! Already end of August ! It took until the end of August to tell you about a dress I sewed last spring and wore at early summer.

Because yes, at the beginning of summer a great event took place! My best friend got married ! Happiness, happiness, happiness ! It wasn't easy to prepare, for the young couple : a wedding at the bride's birthplace, mixing french, irish and scottish cultures to welcome the guests in the best fashion. One of the traditions from Scotland and the Republic of Ireland is to harmonise the bridesmaid's dresses…. Well, when the 4 maids live in different district/country far away from each other and each of them have a different morphology, it is a big challenge ! After longs chat on Whats App (remember, we live in different places) we decided to wear the same colour but with different tailoring.

Pastel Blue

It is not easy to wear a pastel blue dress without looking like Cinderella or Queen Elza in Frozen ! The satin fabrics are also a danger.

Of course I wanted to make my own dress. First, I looked for fabrics in Edinburgh but without success. I finally decided to go in a french brand store in France during my spring stay. I found a clear blue linen with a good weight, perfect for a Belladone dress. Oh yes, I couldn't draw my own pattern as I wished because I hadn't equipment for this. So I used my old Deer & Doe pattern. A good choice for a wedding. It was my third dress sewed with this pattern ( the first one is HERE and the second one THERE ). I have also found a nice white lace for the top. This detail gives a sophisticated touch to the dress.

détail de la robe sur l'épaule détail de la dentelle

Both fabrics were very pleasant to sew and were a good match. I extended the skirt with 20 large centimetre because the original design is much too short for me. As with all Deer & Doe patterns, it was a pleasure to sew this dress.

Two birds with one stone, I've also wore it two weeks later, for my niece's christening.

vu de dos de la robe haut vu de devant haut vu de dos

NB : The pictures weren't shot at the wedding, and nore at the christening but in our garden. Because yes, there is change ! I left Edinburgh to move in with O. at Stornoway. An ocean front White house with a garden ( well a wild garden for now). So I have a new sutdio with all my furniture and equipment arrived from France one month ago !!

I wish you a good week,


vu de dos