Treasure Box

Hello, hello !

April is slowly but surely coming. Right now I'm writing, snow and rain are dancing together and the sun struggles to make a place.

April means spring and freshness, and to mark this, I introduce to you today, a tiny renovation project I made one month ago.

I'm fascinated by boxes, I can't stop myself to hoard them. However it is a reasonable passion, I don't make a collection. I use them mainly for tidying, in my wardrobe, for my sewing and craft tools and materials …. I like them made of iron, wood, cardboard, hunted in the street-market or charity-shops. Currently a big part of my belongings is still in France. But, because of tidying and organisation reasons (and sometime because of crush), I continue my purchase month after month.

vu d'ensemble de bric à brac mes boites acquirent depuis que je suis en Ecosse

Today I'm talking to you about a nice find I've made ! It was on my wish-list for a long time. Indeed, I had in my mind to unearth a wooden case, not too big, to keep some treasures picked up along the walks.

Going regularly to have a look around the Morningside charity-shops in Edinburgh, I was lucky to find one which had just arrived, it was barely labelled. It was in a very good condition with a nice brass handle. But inside smelled of dust and deserved a good refreshing.

coffre d'origine avant rénovation matériel pour la rénovation

I've started to remove the top false bottom : a wooden board wrapped with an old royal blue satiny clothe. Then, I've took off two T-bars (probably supporting a tray in a past life). I've easily cleaned up the bottom covered in dust and waste paper.

I've coated inside with a map of Scotland I've been dragging around with me for years. I've cut the different pieces to cover each sides. For the top underside I've used the Isles of Lewis & Harris map ! I've pasted the paper with a common glue stick.

nouveau papier pour le coffre carte des iles lewis et harris nouveau papier pour le coffre

At last, the final touches: To remove the bad smell, I've poured few drops of scotch pine essential oil on a piece of fabric. Two weeks later, when I opened it, It smelled like a sweet and pleasant wood fragrance and not the old dusty scent.

coffre sur l'étagère avec livres et décorations décorations

There you go, a new wooden case ready to receive bric-à-brac

Have a good day,