Knitted Gift

Hello Hello !

After sewing, a little knitting! Once back in France (in december), I went to buy wool to knit a scarf in black-grey garter stitch. This scarf is for O. who must face winter after winter of the icy wind of Scotland!

tricot en cours

Along with this scarf I knitted a beanie and it was no easy task !! The basic pattern is simple ... when you know how to make rib stitch! It involves knitting a rib stitch rectangle of 24 cm high with rows of 86 stitches. Then you start decreasing until you get to rows of 11 stitches. Then you have to sew the hat in its height with an invisible seam. Roll up the edge, make a pompom and sew it. Simple! Yes, except that I had never made rib stitch and despite the images and Youtube videos, well... I had to call my mum for reinforcement andI had to undo and start over several times.

écharpe plus bonnet

In the end I enjoyed knitting this beanie once the technique was mastered. I knitted with a double thread using No.6 needles. To begin , I used a double green thread, then I doubled the green with blue. For the pompon I doubled the blue with grey.


And here is my first knitted hat and O. is very happy with this gift!

O. qui porte son bonnet et son écharpe

See you soon,

Have a nice week,