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I'm back on Macaron & Coquelicot after an intense month of January. Indeed it was the last big push before the launch of my website and my new job as artisan. The 7th February, Dragons Are Real was established. A little world of sewing with upcycled and organic fabrics where I present useful products for babies, children and adults. A new adventure is starting and I'm very pleased.

image dragons are real

But do not worry, I will stay active on Macaron & Coquelicot !

Anyway, I'll move on to tell you about my renovation project. After my moving, almost 2 years ago, I travelled, then I lived in Edinburgh (temporarily), now I live with O. on the beautiful isle of Lewis. We live in an old fisherman house that we are renovating and furnishing step by step. We spend time to refine ours ideas, preferring second hand or homemade solutions.

During the Christmas holidays, we took a fancy for a 2 seater sofa for sale in a charity shop. It is made up of a wooden frame and 3 cushions. The wood was colored with a dark brown vanish. The cushions were wrapped with a flowery fabric from old times, so mainstream for our grand-parents !

canapé d'origine

Of course there was no way we wanted to keep it like this. I quickly had the idea to paint the wood in teal (we had leftover paint from the office wall). Then I wanted to change the cushions fabric. We hesitated about the color: yellow or purple ? And what kind of fabric ?

structure du canapé

We finally found our happiness in my stock. I had a very big remnant of a white fabric( measuring 3M x 5m) from my cousin. The weaving is tight and easily usable. It is a fabric useed for stage background in theater. We planned then to dye the fabric.

The first step was to remove the old fabric and the 20 buttons from the cushions. Then I measured them to find the pattern. I cut 12 pieces out of the white fabric. I had also cut 14 m of bias ribbon out of the same fabric ( I used only 11m but I prefered to have more in case I was wrong about my measuring). With this bias ribbon, I made piping with ropes I had from an old project. I had exactlty the correct quantity : so lucky !

Once the cutting was complete, I sewn them together to make the cushion covers. Each of them is sewn with a zip. Then I dyed the covers with Dylon powder, the plum purple colour. The result is perfect because it is my favourite colour: a dark purple ( the same that my Dragonscale Dress). I used one pot to dye the 1200 gr of fabrics.

Chemical dyes are not the best for our environment. That's why I am training to use botanical dyeing with natural dyer with books from Rebecca Desnos, Michel Garcia and Aurélia Wolff. I can't wait to have this new string to my bow .

canapé avec les nouvelles housses blanches le biais fabriqué avec le coupon de tissus le tissus coloré et cousu

The last step: sew the buttons. I thought to reuse the old buttons but it was to hard to remove the old fabric. So I used some of mine and I covered them with a piece of fabric I spared for this purpose. I haven't long upholstry needles for this task so it quickly became labourious. O. helped me to achieved this last stage.

moi en train de coudre les boutons boutons d'origine nouveaux boutons

It is a new sofa in our temporary “living-room”. It is confortable with a modern and unique style. Once the living-room is renovated it will be accessorised with my cushions waiting in my moving-in boxes.

détail accoudoir canapé détail accoudoir canapé vu arrière du canapé canapé vu de face dans le grenier canapé vu de face, dans le salon montage avant/après

The next post will be here in March because it is about a birthday gift not yet offered.

Meanwhile, you can follow my adventures on Dragons Are Real !

see you soon,