Gaia Petit Coeur

Hello, hello,

The Year 2020 starts with creative challenges for me. In one hand with my professional activity as artisan (come to have a look on Dragons Are Real ). And in the other hand with my hobby and this first project made in January.

I knitted “Gaia Petit Coeur” mittens with the yarn and the pattern I received in my Christmas box from l'Echeveau Solidaire. If you are a passionate knitter I invite you greatly to visit the web site and subscribe to the instagram page .

The yarn is a Kindness base 100% merinos, hand dyed with Oeko-Tex pigments. It is a very soft yarn and very pleasant to knit with. The colours “La Traversé du désert” and “Ecouter la voix de son coeur” (red and beige) have been created especially for these boxes, as well as 4 patterns to choose. The one I choose was created by Isa Missa.

écheveaux de laine rouge et beige

Until now I have always knitted basic items with garter stitch and twisted ribs. So I took it to the next level for these pretty mittens. Indeed I learned to:

  • knit with circular needle,
  • use a magic-loop
  • knit a latvian braid
  • knit colorwork
  • knit cables
  • put on hold
  • knit a Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off

Yes, no less !

I spent to many hours, I undid and started again 3 times the first mitten because it was too tight. I fulminated a bit ( a lot ?) but I persevered and I finished the first one! Victory ! But, like socks, it's a pair. So I started all the work a second time of course.

détail mitaine détail mitaine détail mitaine

I spent January to knit these mittens. It was important to me to finish them before the end of the month to offer them for my sister-in-law's birthday

détail mitaines détail jacquard détail coeur

Knitting is not something you can learn easily. To understand and acquire the different technics, I watched the videos suggested to learn about the pattern. I, also, texted on Instagram the author, Isa Missa, and she answered my questions with kindness. (Thanks for your availability Isa). I also used the french book “Je me met au tricot” by Lise Tailor, which is a goldmine !

My mittens are not perfect of course. They have vices but I'm proud of myself because it was a challenge. My sister-in-law is also very pleased and appreciates their softness. Beyond the difficulties, I liked to knit them and especially the colorwork. Since, I purchased the book by Anna Dervout (still in french) “Je tricote le jacquard en rond” and I have already chosen my next knitting project.

détail coeur détail coeur vu d'ensemble les mitaines portées

I will be back soon for a new post about my first pair of Jeans with the pattern Safran from Deer & Doe. I told you, 2020 is the year of challenges !

Have a good evening,