Hello, hello,

I wrote this article two month ago now…. Since, I have finished my course, finished my job and I'm ready for new adventures : I have two weeks in France before moving to Stornoway with O. I havn't been sewing a lot and I preparing a new project. Anyway I was busy and I totally forgot to publish this article …. apologizes !

Today, I present to you a small crochet project. These last months I make just small projects for many reasons: - I only have a low quantity of my equipment with me. I'm currently living in a flatshare so not a lot of space to have a studio. - Secondly, Im following a course in herbology (medicinals herbs) that requires a lot of time. But, Ideas aren't missing and my circumstances are temporary.

Anyway, This crochet adventure started more than one year ago now. During Autumn 2017, I received a mail containing a Phildar sachet with tiny cotton balls and a jumper pattern. I had well recognized my brother’s miserable writing but i didn't understand this mail. Why send me a pattern for baby jumper with some small cotton balls when I was just a knitting beginner? I looked in the envelope again and found a card. On this card was an origami stork with a cute message. I don't remember exactly what was written but idea was symbolic: asking me if I could knit a warm jumper just in case the future baby would be sensitive to the cold like his mother ! A nice way to announce to me I would be auntie :)

vu d'ensemble des pelotes de coton

At the beginning of this year I had had an idea to crochet a bunting with those small cotton balls and then offer it to the Leprechaun (nickname to preserve privacy of the baby). I crocheted 8 triangles in 5 different colours ( red, pink, green, blue, yellow) and connected them with a beige rail.

les triangles crochetés dans différentes couleurs les triangles rangés en une pile

I didn't expect to obtain such a long garland, neither to crochet so much triangle with the tiny cotton balls. It required 10 days to make this project. I made it during meals and bus trips. It's a very basic project but it was very pleasant crocheting these sweet colours for spring arriving.

détail de la guirlande vu d'ensemble de la guirlande

Have a very good day everyone,