Ikatee And Super Bison

Hello, hello,

It is a new year beginning and it is now my tradition to start it by presenting to you a yule gift I made.

If you are a regular reader of Macaron & Coquelicot, you have probably noticed I like a lot the Ikatee pattern for children. For the Goblin, I got back out the pattern of Stockholm Shirt and Sevilla Sarouel.

I sewed the sarouel from a pair of adult jeans. I added silver pipping at the edges of pockets for a sophisticated and shinny touch. Also, it is a reminder of the silver cactus on the shirt.

détail poche avant détail poche arrière pantalon vu de dos pantalon vu de face

I didnt quite have enough fabric for the top so I had to make some comprimises. The piece at the back had to be reversed ( the cactus are upside down) and I didnt have enough fabric for the colar, that's why I choose the second option: sew a bias ribbon. In time I would like to complete the fine details and make a good job so I sewn the inside colar with an invisible stitch.

détail col détail fronce détail manche vu partiel de face chemise vu de face chemise avec sarouel

For a long time I have wanted to sew a jacket with faux fur for little girl. For this final touch, I found a free pattern: The jacket Mael from Super Bison :

  • A readable pattern and very easy to assemble and trace !
  • The instructions are clear.
  • For the inner coat, I watched the video showing the stages step by step.

I am very happy about this pattern.

However, I'm happy about my choice of fabrics but they aren't the simplest to sew. The faux fur spreads eveywhere (after this remnant I won't buy it again ! ). The liberty fabrics is a very good quality but too slidy on the fur.

détail noeud tissus intérieur haut du gilet gilet de face

Here is a nice ensemble, sewn with the size 24 month for the Goblin who is just 18 month old !

sarouel plus chemise plus gilet

I wish you a good weekend