Jeans Safran

Hello, hello,

As I announced in my previous post, I've tried to sew the pair of Safran Jeans from Deer & Doe.

  • Why I sewn this pattern:

From its publication in 2016, I hesitated to try it. I persuaded myself that trouser sewing required a lot of skills and patience. I believed this kind of pattern was only the privilege of experienced/senior dressmakers. Finally, not needing trousers I wasn't interested anymore.

Since then, things have changed. I'm not anymore afraid to try unknown projects because it gives me the opportunity to progress. I have more confidence with my sewing skills and I realised that, finally, my only weak point is my poor knowledge about technical vocabulary. Also, last November, I threw away my last pair of Jeans. After years wearing them every week, they were in shabby condition:

  • They were less vivid,
  • Inside pocket holed and mended many times,
  • Zipper broken long ago and the end never fixed,
  • Knees and top legs holed at many parts;
  • Crotch frayed,
  • Fabric loosed everywhere.

Yes they didn't look like trousers anymore and impossible to keep them for remnant for upcycling. I sadly said Goodbye to them.

A pair of Jeans are the only clothes I deem essential in my wardrobe. It turns out that O thinks the same thing and offered to buy me the next pair. I said yes but with one condition, they had to be bought from a second hand shop. But, not finding anything I was happy with, I figured it could be the moment to sew them by myself. Without doubt I thought about my favorite pattern brand and thats what O offered to me in January, a Deer & Doe pattern. A Sunday morning, I got down to making version A. No sooner sewn and worn !

jeans vu de dos jeans vu de face
  • The sewing:

It is a high waist and slim jean, with two front pockets and two back pockets. They are quite tight fitting to the body. Deer & Doe wrote many posts about the fabric choice, and the pattern adaptation depending your morphology (the posts are Here). I read the posts before to start anything, so I knew how to copy the pattern with a size 36 for the waist and arrive at a size 40 for the hips.

While the making the jeans, the only difficulty was the front of the fly. At the end of the instructions, I had a full part unsewn. I managed to fix my mistake, but it isn't perfect. The zipper is not completely covered. I will do better next time.

jeans vu de coté jeans vu de coté
  • The fabric:

I had difficulties to find the correct fabric with all the criterias : 30% crosswise stretch, clear blue denim, organic cotton. I eventually gave up on the last point and ordered a remnant on

détail poches avant détail poches arrières
  • To conclude:

I am very happy about my first jeans. Finally it wasn't too difficult. I also learned new techniques and discovered new uses of the options on my sewing machine. And, of course, I'm happy to have a new clothes, handmade, in my wardrobe. These jeans are comfortable and the high waist suits me perfectly. Next time, yes, there will be another one, I will make the legs longer because they are a bit short at the ankles.

Have a sweet evening, take care,