O and AmandineCha

Hello, hello,

I introduce ! It is the first time I sew clothes for men ! I wanted to offer a handmade gift for O. I also wanted to test the pattern from Maud Vadon's book “Monsieur, Couture pour homme”.

I choose to sew the polo and the double pocket shorts with fabrics from Amandine Cha

Even though I liked the final result, I can't say I enjoyed the sewing as usual. There are sections of the bbook that are written in different styles to what I’m used to:

  • The book offers 16 pattern for 4 different styles : Hypster, Contemporary Chic, Winter, Weekend. I was a bit surprised by this. 4 categories which don't match… But anyway. There are only 6 patterns I like more or less. It would of been better for me to have some research before buying it.
  • For each pattern, there is only 2 photos. Personally I like see the clothes from every angle to have a good idea. I did some research on my regular websites (Thread and Needles, Instagram, Pinterest ) to see the pattern already sewn but without success. The book has been published for less than 1 year, so this explains the rareness of the sewn project for now.
  • The patterns are drawn without seam allowance. The author explains very well the reason. However I prefer patterns to include them. Also, at the bottom of the polo, instruction say to add 3 centimetres for the hem. I don't understand why that wasnt included in the pattern itself.
livre de Maud Vadon

The Polo:

I'm not very satisfied about the guide. I spent 30 minutes to understand step 6. And yet, I made a rough version few weeks before.

I decided not to sew the pockets because I don't like them. The assembly was complicated, however I like this polo. It is a size L that fits O. perfectly. The fabric is the chambray Elixir from “Les Trouvailles d'Amandine. I had a crush for this material: light, soft, the colour is deep. I will probably order again for me.

détail col vareuse détail col vareuse

The double pocket shorts:

The shorts are easy to sew. By the way, it indicated as beginner level in the book. The cut is basic but the detail with the zipper gives it a smart touch. I sewed it with the denim Etendard, still from “Les trouvailles d'Amandine”. The red zipper enhance the light color of the denim. As the chambray, the denim is a very good quality and very pleasant to work with.

détail poche short détail poche short

To conclude:

This book is not very me. I dont like the method and the style. However I'm pleased with the ensemble sewn for O. Him too, since Yule, he has worn it many time. I want to sew other pattern, such as the comtempory chic trousers and the blue jean. Indeed, even though I'm not captivated by this book, I always want to learn and perfect myself. In despite of this first experience I think I will continue and try the other patterns.

About the fabrics, Ive finally tried Amandine Cha Fabrics and I will renew the experience as soon as possible.

ensemble ensemble

See you, Have a good evening,