Curtain For Bedroom

Hello, hello !

Here we are, autumn is coming with its beautiful colours. No more colorful trees for me because there is so few on the isle. However heather transforms the landscape. Bit by bit, the purple colour leaves the space for a blazing golden- red colour. The days of great blue sky, it is absolutely wonderful (yes, sometime, there is a great blue sky at the far north-west of Scotland).

paysage île Lewis paysage île Lewis

As my days are busy, I have to get up earlier to get the new article ready before I go to work. One month ago I managed to start AND finish a sewing project. It is about the final touch in our bedroom, the only room done is our home (all the rest is in work, more or less in progress, and I have quantity of other sewing projects…).

A few years ago at Prémanon, I sewed a curtain from an old bed sheet, made with embroided linen. The first time I was satisfied with a simple hem, this time I made a better job.

  • The curtain is lined with an old curtain from the house. Indeed, using only the old sheet wouldn't be enough to darken the bedroom, especailly in summer when the the nights are very short.
détail doublure
  • With this same sheet, I cut pieces of fabrics to make ribbons. They are sewed on the top of the curatin to hang it to the bar.
détail rubans
  • Looking closer, this fabric was mended in the past. It's the kind of detail I like so much because it reminds me that this fabric is old but still beautiful.
détail raccomodage sur le tissus

For the bar, it is also handmade. Obviously, we wouldnt buy one, it's so much easy! Last summer, O. found a branch wihich was almost straight. We removed the bark and the small branches with the table saw and then we sanded it. O. made to measure the support and honestly, they are beautiful !

barre à rideau support barre à rideau

Tadaaaaaam ! Here we are ! A 100% homemade and upcycled curtain !

détail broderie détail broderie rideau fermé rideau ouvert

I wish you a nice fall,