Basic But Useful

Hello, hello !

What a pleasure to be able to publish regularly again on the blog.

I don't think one day I will have again the same rhythm that I had at the beginning: one post per week … I don't know where I found the time and energy. Anyway, here I am to write about a sewing project that has ran through my mind for a while.

t the project of the century where I will have experimented new complex technique ! No, no, no,… Lets not get crazy !

I sewed a toilet bag from upcycled material ! Without realising it, It was a first time for me to sew a square shaped bag.

I didn't buy anything new to do it:

-The wax cloth comes from a bag I didn't use,

-I took back the zipper from an old project,

-The blue poplin bias ribbon was a shopping mistake,

-The brown false leather bias ribbon is a remain from a very old project.

sac en toile cirée ruban, fermeture éclairs, pinces détail de la machine à coudre

Overall, I like the shape and I want to make more, with more colourful and nicer fabrics. The fabric is not exceptional and was hard to sew. I had to make many stitches in fragile areas to prevent wear and tear. Time will tell if it is solid or not.

trousse vu de face

I sewed this toilet bag for O. Indeed, for many years he used a supermarket plastic bag to carry his toiletarys around with him… Even though he could easily buy a toiletary bag he is quite contented with his horrible plastic bag. So, this toilet bag is very basic but vast improvement compared to the old ugly bag, it has haute couture look ! It was a surprise for O. and he is happy to use it.

trousse vu de coté trousse vu de haut plus accessoires

Enjoy the last colors of Autumn

See you soon,


feuilles d'arbre avec couleurs d'automne