Hello, hello,

Do you know the Sylvanians ? They are lovely, varied and fascinating. Sylvanians are toys that are in fashion again and they loved by children, more specifically by little girls. The figurines represent animal families living a human life style. They are the same size of Playmobils and live in a world full of accessories. Few years ago, the Gnome received, for Christmas, a bunny family, a house and some furniture. Since, she has a bigger collection. The details are fabulous. Depending the country you live, the houses and the High Street environment are differens. Indeed, last year, I bought a second hand a John Lewis Shop ! So british !

sylvanian sylvanian sylvanian sylvanian sylvanian

In my way, I wished to offer a new setting for the Gnome's sixth birthday.

The whole thing is contained in a small cardboard suitcase with a liberty pattern. I love dolls houses and the idea to have one to bring everywhere is attractive. Initially I thought to lay the suitcase as a small house. But as I mentioned it previously, The Gnome has already a whole village !

I also had the idea to make a beach of the Outer Hebrides. A nod to my new “sweet home”.

petite valise en carton à motif liberty petite valise en carton à motif liberty

Firstly I felted a rug with shades of blue, beige and green to show the ocean, the beach and the “machair”. The machair is an area of fertile land near to the Hebridean beaches. In spring and summer, these lands are blossomed.

After the felting, I cut it to fit in the suitcase and I embroided it. First with the sewing machine using silvery, blue and golden thread. Then with beads. These details give it a shiny touch which remind the sunny sparkles.

On the beach I felted with needles a sandcastle surrounded by water. The gnome likes making sandcastles on the beach. For more likeness, I add some tiny shells she can lay as she wishes.

In the “machair” I embroided red and yellow flowers with DMC cotton threads.

détail broderie océan détail broderie océan détail plage et machair détail plage et machair tout petits coquillages

Last, in the background I wanted to show Dalmore Beach (it is on the isle of Lewis). A place I like vey much because the colours are always marvellous and the place is peaceful. For this I printed twice a photograph I took in December and then I cut and paste it.

détail plage et ciel vu d'ensemble

A Little air from Scotland is added to the Sylvanian village, for the Gnome, it is a Great Pleasure.

Have a lovely evening,