Dyeing and Embroidery


Today I tell you about a project dear to my heart and that I am developing for my business Dragons Are Real : natural dyeing.

In 2019, following my Herbology course, I developed an interest to the dyeing power of plants. So I got information from Michel Garcia, Aurélia Wolff and Rebecca Desnos’s Books. I particularly liked the approach of Rebecca Desnos’s and it help me to go for this adventure.

In 2020 I tested different pigments extracted from plants like, for example, onion skin, avocado skin, turmeric, Rooibos tea. Cooking waste is easy to get and free, they are good starting material. These basics plants offer pretty colours and for me, there is a kind of magic in the natural dyeing. The discovering of this new technic is a source of joy and inspiration to me.

Here are the plants I tried for now: - yellow onion, - red onion, - daffodils, - turmeric, - avocado skin and stone, - heather, - black tea, - Rooibos tea, - gorse flower, - rose flower, - nettle, - alder cone, - willow leaves, - horsetail.

pile de tissus de différentes couleurs

Maybe you are surprised about this list ? Well, I was too. Following the advice I read in books, I followed my instinct when I tried some plants. Natural dyeing is a huge world and requires years and years of tests to explore all aspects.

Very satisfied and encouraged by my experiences, I used the cloths I dyed (old linen and cotton sheets) to embroider and sew littles pouches that I offered as birthday gifts. For the embroidery part, I used one hundred year old threads I have in my boxes, then I let go my imagination.

fil de broderie

Fabrics of this pouch are dyed with yellow onion skin for the outside part and rooibos tea for the lining. Pattern fabrics are leftovers of my remnants handprinted by Kahobas in France.

pochette vue de face pochette vue de trois quart pochette vue de dessous détail doublure pochette et main pour la taille

This pouch is smaller and sewn with:

  • a green fabric dyed with red onion skin,
  • a grey fabric dyed with nettles,
  • a light orange fabric dyed with rooibos tea,
  • a none dyed lining.
pochette sur étagère broderie vue de près pochette vue trois quart pochette dans ma main détail doublure détail broderie

This little bag is sewn with:

  • a pink fabric dyed with yellow onion skin,
  • a grey fabric dyed with nettles,
  • a none dyed lining.
sac vue de face détail fermeture sac détail anse sac doublure du sac sac vu de face

These tests enabled me to explore the dyeing possibilities for accessories I am developing for Dragons Are Real and which will be released soon. To stay informed I invite you to follow me on these pages : - Website - Instagram - Pinterest - Facebook

Have a good evening,