Rainbow Knitting

Hello, hello,

That's all well and good making for others. It's also always good to treat yourself. The opportunity was given to me with the birthday gift from my parents : 4 Phildar Mikado woolen ball. Its very soft and radiant. I've immediately liked the colors.

It's a project I made between October and December. It required to me a lot of time but , Ive returned…. I tell you everything.

My idea was to knit a snood with a stockinette stich to practice it. Seeing my work, O. liked the color and suggested I knit a beannie with. I liked that idea.

4 pelotes de laine détail tricot en cours détail tricot en cours

I had already started the snood, but I decided to temporary stop this work and start making the beannie. I used the same patern than the one I made for O. last year. However I've extended it by 4 cm to obtain a larger edge. I used less than a ball for this beannie. For the final touch, I sewed a faux fur ponpon at the top.

tricot sur le ferry levé de soleil sur le mainland

Yet, I liked so much the result with the ribs 2/2 I decided to start my snood from the beginning. So I undid my work and knit it with the ribs 2/2 stitch. So, yes, it's slower but the effect is nicer ! I knitted the snood with the 3 other woollen ball and finally it is a bit short. But I'm warm with it, it is soft and the colors are great.

tricot porté tricot porté tricot porté

Now I will get down to another knitting project with my Chrismas Box from the Supportive Skein Challenge. If you don't know about it, I encourage you to visit the website and the instagram page !

laine Echeveau Solidaire

A tout bientôt, Belle soirée,